Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FLUKE 2010 Press release.

Some people may have received the FLUKE press release with an incorrect date. The truth is that FLUKE 2010 IS HAPPENING ON APRIL 17th, 2010. The press release in full follows. Show it to everyone you know!



This year’s FLUKE Mini-Comics Festival, sponsored by Bizarro Wuxtry, Ciné Bar/Café/Cinema, Flagpole Magazine and Inch-High Button Guy, will take place on Saturday, April 17th at Ciné, 234 West Hancock Ave, Athens GA from 11:00 AM until 6 PM. Admission is $5.00 for all attendees.

Tables and spaces will be provided for mini-comic artists and distributors on a first-come, first-serve basis. All attendees are welcome to bring enough work to fill a small (3' x 4') table space. In the interest of providing display space for as many artists as possible, attendees may not use more than one table. Large displays and booths are not permitted at FLUKE, so please do not bring them. You will be asked to keep them in your vehicle.

With gratitude, we acknowledge our sponsors.
Bizarro Wuxtry (http://www.wuxtryrecords.com/bizarro.html)
Athens’ downtown comics shop boasts a staggering array of alternative comics and zines, as well as a friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff. There are also lots of toys, models, cards, clothes and vintage delights to enjoy as well. Peter Bagge once featured the store in an issue of “HATE,” and has referred to it as “the funkiest business establishment I have ever seen.”

Flagpole Magazine (www.flagpole.com)
Athens’ alternative weekly is a much loved and used source of information on local music, film, art, food and politics, all delivered with a real sense of ownership and advocacy for our fair city.

Inch-High Button Guy (inchhighbuttonguy@gmail.com)
Inch-High Button Guy produces the finest original designs in buttons for any occasion, available in a variety of sizes and styles (even glow-in-the-dark). The buttons are available at Bizarro Wuxtry and at special events.

Ciné Bar/Café/Cinema (www.athenscine.com)
Ciné screens a variety of intriguing films from a broad spectrum of countries and cultures, including the newest domestic and foreign productions as well as movie classics, retrospectives and documentaries. The selection includes well-known crossover independent films and small budget films, discoveries from festivals and local productions. Ciné also offers space for special events, and FLUKE is excited to make Ciné its home for the 2010 show.

FLUKE is a mini-comic festival that has been organized by Athens-area comic artists, underground publishers and their enthusiasts since 2002. Conceived as a venue for the discussion and exchange of timely ideas related to mini-comics, zines, and other independent publications, FLUKE is not a large comic convention or merchandising-saturated extravaganza. This isn't to say we don't like our share of stuff—'cause we do. However, we have kept the organization of the event as simple as possible to ensure that it remains focused on work and ideas rather than merchandising.

Digital images available on request
FLUKE online:



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