Sunday, April 24, 2016

Official FLUKE 2016 Playlist

There's a lot to say about FLUKE 2016, and we'll say it soon, but the short version is: IT WAS GREAT. Thanks!

Below is a list of every song played during FLUKE 2016. We made a playlist that was a little over 20 hours long, so everything we put on there obviously didn't get played (those songs from the soundtrack to "The Apple" will have to wait for next year...).

Here's what you heard:

  • “Night Maze” - Glass Apple Bonzai
  • “Shake Me” - Cinderella
  • “I’m Checkin' Out” - Benny Martin
  • “Moonfire” - Davie Allan & The Arrows
  • “Monkey Man” - Toots & The Maytals
  • “Son Of A Gun” - The La’s
  • ”Temple Room”- Umberto
  • “The Alternative Polka” - Weird Al Yankovic
  • “Ain't Going Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)”- Garth Brooks
  • “Soft Lamp / Palm Reader” - Monster Rally
  • “Never Let Go” (Single Version) - Camel
  • “Badstreet USA” - Michael Hayes & The Badstreet Band
  • “I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)” - Michael McDonald
  • “Pinball Millionaire” - Gene O'Quin
  • “Crazy” - Neu!
  • “Panama” - J Church
  • “Stand on Your Own “ - Paul Gilreath
  • “Male Model” - The Undertones
  • “Interesting Drug” - Morrissey
  • “Electric City” - Arcade High
  • “Temporary Arm” - Elf Power
  • “We'll Sing in the Sunshine” - Bobby Bare
  • “Games People Play” - The Alan Parsons Project
  • “Hot And Nasty” - Black Oak Arkansas
  • “Foggy Mountain Top” - Norma Jean
  • “Crush on You” - The Jets
  • “Age of Consent” - New Order
  • “Round And Round” - Ratt
  • “Surround Yourself with Sorrow” - Cilla Black
  • “I’m Gonna Find A Cave” - The Banana Splits
  • “Fancy Action: - Trillion
  • Main Title from “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” - Vic Mizzy
  • “The Electrified Donkey” - Johnny Horton
  • “Cagey Cretins” - Blue Öyster Cult
  • “Speed Skate” - The Plastic Plan
  • “Spanish Flea” - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
  • “Mandinka” - Sinéad O'Connor
  • “Krystal GB” - Vaperror
  • “The Young Ones” - Angelic Upstarts
  • “Don't Hate Me” - The Get Up Kids
  • “Do The Monkey” - Bobby Freeman
  • “Skate & Destroy” - The Faction
  • “Pour Some Sugar On Me” - Def Leppard
  • “Cherry Bomb” - Joan Jett
  • “Funky Broadway (Part I)” - Dyke & The Blazers
  • “Tiger Rag” - Porky Freeman
  • “Bird River” - The Units
  • “Rebel Girl” - Bikini Kill
  • “Unity” - Lyn Taitt & The Jets
  • “Pretty Pretty Pretty” - The Fleshtones
  • “The Train” - The 1910 Fruitgum Company
  • “Osu A Meresu” - City Boys Band Led By Obuoba J.A. Adofo
  • “Pinball Machine” - Merle Kilgore
  • “Always on My Mind “ - Pet Shop Boys
  • “Red Hot” - Hank C. Burnette
  • “Hey Sandy” - Polaris
  • “See A Little Light” - Bob Mould
  • “Burn That Candle” - Charline Arthur
  • “Cappucino” - MC Lyte
  • “Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son” - France Gall
  • “Acorn Man” - Wild Billy Childish & CTMF
  • “Amos Moses” - Jerry Reed
  • “I’m So Bored With the U.S.A.” - The Clash
  • “I’m an Old, Old Man (Tryin' to Love While I Can)” - Lefty Frizzell
  • “Silver Moon” - Michael Nesmith & The First National Band
  • “Hounds Of Love” - The Futureheads
  • “Tut Tut Tut Tut” - Gillian Hills
  • “Girl U Want” - Devo
  • “Joysticks” - Legion
  • “Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys” - The Cookies
  • “The Hunter” - Danzig
  • “If You Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire” - The Dead Milkmen
  • “What Difference Does It Make?” - The Smiths
  • “Bad Scene” - Ovens
  • “Walk-Don't Run” - The Ventures
  • “U Gotz 2 Get Down” - Kwamé
  • “Friends Of P.” - The Rentals
  • “Round and Round” - Andy Starr
  • “I Wish I'd Never” - Carl Belew
  • “The Monkey Time” - Major Lance
  • “You're Driving Me Crazy” - Django Reinhardt
  • “Any Major Dude Will Tell You” - Steely Dan
  • “Driving Mr. Johnson” - Chuck Cirino
  • “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” - Art Brut
  • “Don't You Know” - Beefcake
  • “Ride Like The Wind” - Christopher Cross
  • “King Of The Mountain” - Midnight Oil
  • “Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)” - Billy Joel
  • “Staring at the Sun” - Ultra Vivid Scene
  • “Mirror in the Bathroom” - The English Beat
  • “If You Wanna Get To Heaven” - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
  • “Full Power” - High Spirits
  • “Speed” - Mike Tenay
  • “Rainbow In The Dark” - Dio
  • “Ready To Die” - Andrew W. K.
  • “All Out Of Love” - Air Supply
  • Title Credits Theme from “Destroy All Monsters” - Akira Ifukube
  • “Magic Number” - De La Soul
  • “New Romantics” - Taylor Swift
  • “Tighten Up” - Archie Bell & The Drells
  • “Lon Chaney” - Chickasaw Mudd Puppies
  • “Non-Stop Dancing” - The Jam
  • “Wonder Drug” - Carl Butler
  • “Delta Dawn” - Tanya Tucker
  • “Circle Rock” - Cowboy Copas
  • “Banjo Riff” - Adcock And Reno
  • “Bryant's Bounce” - Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
  • “Double Vision” - Foreigner 10 of 17
  • “Odds & Ends (Bits & Pieces)” - Bobby Austin
  • “Club ” - US Golf 95
  • “Biller Barges In” - Biller & Wakefield
  • “Cedar Grove” - Bill Clifton
  • “What Do I Get?” - The Buzzcocks
  • “Rock Shop” - Basil Poledouris
  • “Up to You” - Solitaire
  • “Teenage Bop” - Bennie Hess
  • “Mama Tried” - Merle Haggard
  • “If The Kids Are United” - Sham 69
  • “Carolina's Calling Me” - Al Wood & The Smokey Ridge Boys
  • “Don't Think It Ain't Been Fun, Dear 'Cause It Ain’t” - Ernie Lee
  • “Featherlight” - MG 15 of 16 2:32 MG Electronic 1 4/23/16, 3:28 PM
  • “Fight! Kamen Rider “ - Japanese Studio Musicians
  • “The Perfect Summer” - Sellorekt/LA Dreams
  • “Rockaway Beach” - The Ramones
  • “ Foggy Mountain Special” - Flatt & Scruggs
  • “Dream Warriors” - Dokken
  • “Enjoy Yourself” - The Specials
  • “Stardust” - Alpha Boy
  • “What A Dream It's Been” - Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys
  • “Blue Grass Truck Driver” - Moore & Napier
  • “Buzz Buzz Buzz” - Dale Chantel and The Dominoes
  • “What A Wonderful World” - Joey Ramone
  • “Huff Puff” - Micky Dolenz
  • “Absence” - Antarctica
  • “Last Train To Clarksville” - Jim  & Jesse
  • “Elasticated” - Scientist
  • “Real Good Itch” - Mac Curtis
  • “(My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers” - Liz Anderson
  • “Operator” - Mitch Murder
  • “The Choice Is Yours” - Black Sheep
  • “Dang Me” - Roger Miller
  • “You're All I've Got Tonight” - The Cars
  • “Equinoxe Part 5” - Jean-Michel Jarre
  • “Books About UFOs” - Hüsker Dü
  • “Ignition (Remix)” - R. Kelly
  • “Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing” - Minutemen
  • “Best Looking Boys” - The Promise Ring
  • “Can't Hardly Stand It” - Charlie Feathers
  • “Peel Me a 'Nanner” - Roy Drusky
  • “The Captain of Her Heart” - Double
  • “Flag Day” - The Housemartins
  • “People Mover” - Servotron
  • “American Hearts” - Piebald
  • “Too Hot to Handle” - Eddie Noack
  • “Crazy Crazy Feeling” - Esquerita
  • “Cuckoo” - The Monks
  • “Running Free” - Iron Maiden
  • “Angel's Asylum” - John Carpenter
  • “Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone”- Glass Tiger
  • “Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love” - Van Halen
  • “Peter Weather Bird” - Ferlin Husky
  • “It's What I Want” - Röyksopp
  • “Dancing On The Ceiling” - Lionel Richie
  • “Electric Dreams” - Tommy
  • “Rocket Ship” - Don Drummond
  • “Sunset Cruise” - Miami Nights 1984
  • “Son Of My Father” - Chicory Tip
  • “Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)” - Captain Beyond


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