Friday, September 9, 2011

An announcement! Maybe TWO OF THEM!

Here is a flyer for OktOktöberFLUKEberFLUKE. Patrick did it. He is awesome. You should print this out and put it everywhere.

Oh, and is the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of the date for April 2012's show on there? Yep. It sure is.

PLEASE NOTICE THIS: The registration website address on that flyer is NOT A TYPO. We had to be all fancy and put an o with an umlaut over it in the name of our event (we did it because Motörhead did it. Plus, OktöberFLUKE just looks cool. I mean, look at it...). ANYWAY, apparently the internet just can't handle our ö so when we set up with, they just left our ö out of the address. It's gonna be okay. You don't even have to type it in. Look: just click on these words to be magically transported to the registration website!


  1. Druid City Comics- Here you go! Follow the link.

  2. I got a table for Octoberfluke.... now what? do i just show up to the venue on the 15th to set up?

  3. On Wednesday, after registration closes, we'll be sending out an email with directions and load-in times.

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