Friday, July 10, 2020

FLUKE 2020: No.


FLUKE 2020, which had been rescheduled for September 5th, has been cancelled. 
At this time, we are planning for FLUKE 2021, which will take place on March 27, 2021 (probably… we’re still waiting to confirm that date with the 40 Watt).


    Welp… we blew it. As a society, we’ve had months to deal with a pandemic and we’re worse off now than we were when we first found out about it. There’s no way we’d be comfortable with having a couple hundred people packed into the 40 Watt a few weeks from now. Even if we were allowed to try, we’d have to put quite a few restrictions in place, possibly to the point that FLUKE just wouldn’t work. So, we’re not going to do it. This hurts. It’s a tiny little baby bug of a hurt compared to, well, everything, but it still hurts. So, we’re going to hurt for a while and eventually we’ll crawl out of the little ball we’ve curled into and start working towards FLUKE 2021 which is our twentieth anniversary. We are old people. 

“Canceled” and “cancelled” are both acceptable spellings of the word, but we prefer the double L version.

Here is probably the main question that we think you might have:

“I registered for a table. What happens now?”
If you registered for FLUKE 2020 and would like to just hold onto that registration for FLUKE 2021, then you can do that. It’s a long time to wait, we know, but if you were planning on coming to FLUKE anyway, why not wait an entire calendar year? 

Alternately, you can email Robert and ask for a refund. Keep in mind that we’re past the point where we can automatically refund your payment through PayPal, so it’s going to take him some time to get your refund out and update the list of attendees. We understand that $15 is a significant chunk of your money but we’re not sure that we’re going to get our money back from the rental of the tables and chairs, so refunds may take a little bit of time to sort out. We’re not going to rip you off, but it’s going to take a minute to get your $15 back to you.

“I am on the waiting list for an exhibitor space. What happens now?”
You’re still on there. When you were added to the waiting list, you were told what number on the list you were. If anyone cancels, their exhibitor space will be offered to the people on the waiting list in numerical order.

Another question you might not have but that we would like to address is this one:

“Hey, didn’t y’all make merchandise for FLUKE 2020 and put the actual year on it?”
Yes. We made shirts and tote bags for FLUKE 2020. The shirts don’t have the year on them, but the bags do. In retrospect, that may not have been the brightest idea. We’re going to put the shirts and bags online soon, but let’s be honest… Robert’s probably going to have a box full of FLUKE 2020 tote bags in his garage for a long time.

We love you. We miss you.

Patrick & Robert


  1. Those bags will be collectors items! I’ll get one!

    (Sorry about the stress and disappointment. We’ll get through this...)

  2. I'm going to want shirts and bags.

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