Tuesday, April 18, 2017

FLUKE 2017 Exhibitor List (so far)!

FLUKE 2017 is RAPIDLY approaching.

Here's a list of exhibitors. Keep checking back for changes and additions, and We'll see you all on April 29th!

(As usual, if we couldn't find your website we've linked your name to a YouTube video of monster trucks.)

Ahmad Alami
Jer Alford
Colette Arrand
Amber Bellerjeau
Joe Bevill
Jenny Brewer
Wes Brooks
James Burns
John Cadenhead
John Caldwell
J. Chris Campbell
Anderson Carman
Adam Casey
Jesus Costilla
Max Currie
Shawn Daughhetee
Patrick Dean
AJ Delp
Jeff Distefano
Jerell Drakes
Zachary Driggers
Celia Favorite
Cullen Gardepe
Lee Gatlin
Meg Golding
Julia Hagerty
Logan Hendry
Cleonique Hilsaca
Holy Demon Army Distro
Mary Huber
Jankins Books, LLC
Zach Keepers
Alex Laney
Austin Lonsway
Andrew Lytle
David Mack
Sara McHenry
Tom  McHenry
Miss Anna, The Story Lady
Jordan Fitch Mooney
Michael Muller
TJ Murray
Robert Newsome
Josh Nickerson
Stephanie Pai
See Dan Paint!
Meghan Parker
Mittie Paul
Jason Payne
Peculiar Mormyrid Press
Jerrod Landon Porter
Salem Powell
Lance Raber
Michael Rodgers
Patrick Rooks
Andy Runton
Jorge Santiago
Joshua Smith
Caroline Smith
Shannon "Sandy "Scraps" Kinser MacDavidson Jr." Smith
Aaron Tucker
UGA Comics Creators Association
Klon Waldrip
Drew Weing
Joey Weiser
Nathan Wiedemer
Delicia Williams
Billy J. Wright