Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What are you doing in the middle of October?

Man, the guys running the Athens Popfest have really put together an awesome show for this October. It features performances from, among others, Bob Mould, Throwing Muses, The Olivia Tremor Control, Man or Astroman? and The Dead Milkmen. Seriously!

I'm really looking forward to going to these shows, and the full line-up hasn't been announced.

But here's an announcement that FLUKE is going to make:

On Saturday, the 15th of October 2011, The Athens Popfest will present OktöberFLUKE.

We've "teamed up" with the Popfest to put together a small press / comix / 'zine show as part of the Popfest festivities. This show will be held in conjunction with (and in the same gigantic room as) a DIY craft show and record fair. It's going to be absolutely amazing.

Now let's get this straight: This isn't taking the place of FLUKE. FLUKE will still happen in April of 2012 at the 40 Watt club, and it'll still be amazing. What's going on here is that the awesome people at Athens Popfest have given us the chance to work with them to organize a small press event as a part of all the other incredible stuff that's going on in Athens that week.

The table cost will be a little more than regular FLUKE. It's going to be $15 for half of an 8 foot table. Still totally cheap, right? But check this business out: The organizers of the Popfest have decided to give a discount on the purchase of a 4-day pass to anyone who buys a table for this event. These passes normally cost $70, which is a great deal for all of these shows. BUT if you buy a table for $15, you can buy your pass for only $55.

Wait, did we just say that if you were planning on buying a 4-day pass to the Athens Popfest that you could buy that pass and get a table to show off your comics and 'zines on Saturday for the same price? Yes, indeed, we did say that!

I know all of you want to sign up for a table right now, but you can't. Sorry. We're still getting our act together for the pre-registration. Did you read that? PRE-REGISTRATION. Dudes, FLUKE is taking a step into the future here!

Okay, so for the TL;DR crowd (that means "too long; didn't read". I just found out about that last week) here's the breakdown:

*OktöberFLUKE - A small press comix & 'zine show as part of the Athens Popfest will happen from 10 - 6 on October 15th at the Classic Center in downtown Athens, GA.

*Half of an 8' table will cost $15, and if you buy one you get a $15 discount on your 4-day Athens Popfest pass.

*We will open pre-registration for these table on the internet. That will happen very soon.

*You are incredibly excited about this.


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