Thursday, August 4, 2011

OktöberFLUKE table question...

Hey, guys. Still working on the pre-registration function for OktöberFLUKE, and it is going to happen soon. But, as a way to sort of get a picture of the level of interest in this thing, please leave a comment on this post if you're thinking about getting a table at OktöberFLUKE.

Please keep in mind that leaving a comment here does not guarantee a table. This is only an informal survey to get a very general idea about how much space we will actually need in the room on October 15th.



  1. I'd like to participate if I can.

  2. We want to...but educational obligations are likely to get in the way :-(.

  3. Myself & Tim Root would each be interested in a half table.

  4. I'd be interested and super excited

  5. Registration link was posted on Twitter:
    OktöberFLUKE registration is now open! DO IT!

  6. Sounds great. IS it just me or does the registration shortlink not work?

  7. Found the long version link-

  8. I would like to be involved if possible.

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