Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks! Really. Thank you all so much!

So, FLUKE 2011 happened...

Lots of people showed up...

The room filled up FAST...

and we had an amazing day. Thanks so much to all of the nearly 400(!) people who showed up, to our amazing sponsors and most of all to you!

We're trying to post mentions of everyone's post-FLUKE blog posts over on our OFFICIAL Twitter Thing, but we may miss a few of them, and we certainly don't want to miss an opportunity to read about ourselves! If you see (or write) anything about FLUKE 2011, leave a link in the comments. We'll see you again soon! Possibly sooner than you think! (Was that a cryptic clue? IT WAS!)


  1. I wrote about Fluke...

  2. Thanks for hosting such a great event! Our report is finally up ...

  3. I just posted something about some of my Fluke finds:

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