Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 FLUKE Comics Anthology- Something Different

So, the book is underway. It's happening, but instead of begging for submissions from the four corners of the globe, I came up with a crackpot plan to pencil a book length story and hand it over to local Athens comics folks to ink. Last night a bunch of us met for our regular Wednesday Night Drawing Getogether and I threw twenty-four penciled pages on the floor and nine Athens artists grabbed a couple pages each to ink.

So far, our FLUKE BOOK INKERS 2010 are;

Aaron Fu
David Mack
Devlin Thompson
Robert Brown
Robert Newsome
Eleanor Davis
Drew Weing
Michele Chidester
Joey Weiser

Joey and Michele are on their way to Atlanta today to distribute the last four pages to some mystery folks in Atlanta, so I'll update this when we find out who those folks are.

I mean, look at that list; this book is going to rock.


  1. Fantastic list. Too bad I can't contribute as a writer!

  2. Yeah cool idea! Although I've been OCD checking the web for this year's submission guidelines after missing out last year :P Flippin' geography

  3. You can add Chris Schweizer, Falynn Koch, and Hunter Wook-Jin Clark to that list!

  4. I apologize if this sounds rude, but your method of assembling the 2010 anthology seems unfair. It goes against the spirit of giving unknown cartoonists a chance to become known, which is, in my opinion, what FLUKE is for. Having never contributed in the past, I would have loved a chance to ink and thus contribute to this year's anthology.

  5. Well it IS their anthology so it seems like whatever they plan to do is fair game. I think it'll be fun to see all the different styles in a continuous thread story. I don't blame em for keeping it local.

  6. If I may butt in, I would venture to say that the spirit of FLUKE is really what happens on the day, embodied in the people and their work on the tables and the interaction and the talking. The anthology itself is a byproduct that doesn't even have to exist (one year it didn't even happen - in 9 years of FLUKE, there are 8 books). I'm looking forward to going to FLUKE this year as always and hope to see everyone there!

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